How Amazon Fresh Saved Me On A Monday

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Recently, a friend of mine suggested that I try the Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service. And you know what I did?

I signed up for their free trial and never used it. Once the monthly charges started for the service, I finally dove in and tried it out!

I hadn’t considered that you could outsource your grocery shopping. But I just tried Amazon Fresh, and LOVED IT.

Grocery delivery just sounds way too good to be true! Well, unless I were rich. But apparently, it’s a thing and it’s pretty darn affordable!

If you want to try Amazon for the first time, here’s 30-days for free!

How Amazon Fresh Works

The way it works is so simple. Amazon gives you the first month free and then it’s $15 per month to keep the service. Each delivery is $9.99, unless you spend $40 or more (which is most of the time for us at the grocery store, anyway!). I ordered directly from the Amazon app on my iPhone.

The first step is to choose if you would like them to leave the groceries unattended, or hand deliver to you in person. Next, you reserve a time. Our area has two windows- 7-10am and 12-4pm (I believe). I chose the earlier option and was pleasantly surprised to see my regular mailman deliver the order.

I was hesitant at first for two reasons: I live in a rural area so I assumed I would be disqualified right off the hitch. And second, I may be a busy mompreneur but I can make it to the grocery store. Well, most of the time anyway. I knew I had to try it to see the value.

My favorite part was that I ordered on Sunday afternoon and the groceries were on my doorstep on Monday morning at 9AM. No joke. Here is what USPS delivered to my doorstep while I started my work day at home, turned on The Wiggles for my daughter and sipped my coffee. All at the same time.

Amazon Fresh saved me from dragging my 4-year-old to a grocery store, on a Monday morning. I am already in love.

The order was delivered in reusable, insulated totes that I can leave on my doorstep the next time I receive a delivery. They were packed very nicely with plenty of ice packs (which I will also return). The meat was also wrapped in individual plastic bags which I was very pleased about.

The Amazon Fresh service literally has everything you could need. So, I tried a little bit of it all! I ordered ground beef, boneless chicken, dairy products (cream, sour cream & yogurt), and a bunch of produce as well. They even have a Sale page with discounted items each week. And I have to admit, the prices are very much in line with the grocery store. 

Here is the unboxing of my Amazon Fresh order.

This is what $49 of groceries looks like, and I have to say it was well worth it.

Here’s the full order so you can get a sense of the pricing.

I was very impressed with all aspects of the order. We have used most of the items already and everything was great. The meat was local to the shipping center based in New Jersey. The produce was in great shape. My least favorite was the Roast Beef deli meat, but my fiance said it tasted fine to him.

While it is not a solution that I will use for every grocery shopping trip (I wish!), I will definitely be using it again soon. I am thinking the times when this will come in handy most are when we are in a pinch and I’ve already done our “major” shopping for the week, but still need a few things. I think it will also be a great resource come winter time when we are in hibernation mode!

Amazon Fresh really came through for me on a busy Monday and I am so grateful. I would highly recommend this to other busy parents out there and have already started spreading the word. I wish they had this when my daughter was an infant – what a lifesaver! This is something that anyone could use and find the value in.

I had even left 3 packages from my weekend sales with Poshmark on the doorstep, and my mailman took them when he delivered my groceries. Talk about a win-win.

Have you tried Amazon Fresh yet? I would love to hear about your experience with this awesome service!

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