5 Ways I’ve Become More Productive By Setting Up A Workspace At Home

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It has been over four years since I started my work-from-home career. I was employed for a couple of years and now run my own virtual service based business. Recently, I set up an office workspace within my home and it has really increased my productivity.

Working from home really is everything I dreamed that it would be. There are days where I don’t get out of my pajamas (those days don’t happen much anymore, unless we get a blizzard here in New England). Other days, I spend hours at a local Starbucks or library – both being productive and people watching at the same time. But most of the time, I am working from the kitchen counter or the living room recliner.

Now with the inclusion of an in-home workspace, I have found a few ways that having a physical office within my home has catapulted my productivity:

Having Space of My Own

Being a work-from-home mama, flexibility is key. That means that most of the time when my daughter is present during my work time, I am working at the kitchen counter, reclining sofa, patio table, etc. But having an an actual place to escape to where I can be alone with my thoughts is incredible for getting work done. When my fiance is home or my Mom comes over to help with the child, I can head down the hall and not be interrupted by the activity around me. It has allowed for more planning time as well, which is way overdue.

I like to think of myself as a “digital nomad”, mostly because it sounds way more elusive. But when I started joining the Digital Nomad communities online, I realized that was not me. Not at this juncture of my life, anyway. As a Mompreneur with a child in preschool, it is a little less exciting. (maybe when she goes to college, though! no rush.)

I started working from home with a newborn and things have really evolved in the last few years. During the school year, she goes to preschool a few hours per day which is when I have a good mix of work time and grocery shopping (and the occasional solo Target trip. It’s dreamy.) I do often think of how I can be more nomadic when she goes off to full day Kindergarten next year, though. For now, I’ll enjoy having a workspace of my own.

Setting Myself Up to Feel Inspired

Having my own workspace allows me to create a place that makes me feel more productive. My full-time hustle is a virtual service based business and sometimes I need a place that is quiet yet inspiring. I can surround myself with books, artwork, and I can also decorate it however I like. It also gives me an excuse to have more plants!

I Can Come & Go Into The Office When I Need To

When you work from home, you lose that transitional time between leaving work and getting home. While I am definitely not complaining about not having a commute, it would be nice to have a few moments in between to unwind. With a physical office at home, I can come and go from the office whenever I need to which is kind of nice from an aesthetic viewpoint. Break time can be spent in a space that doesn’t “feel like work”. And just the same, I can take the work with me when I need to.

Everything I Need is Within My Reach

Being on the go, I find myself constantly shuffling for things – my Bluetooth mouse, headphones, a notepad, etc. With an actual desk and office, I can keep these things within my reach. It also fills my desire to stay organized and efficient in my other side hustles (such as my resale businesses on eBay and Poshmark which do demand physical items and supplies).

The WiFi Is Consistent

This one is major! While I love being able to work from almost anywhere, WiFi can be a huge issue. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found the perfect spot to work and realized their WiFi was spotty or not working at all. My iPhone does have the hotspot capability but even that is not a completely reliable or high speed option – just a backup. At home, moving from place to place throughout the house can be spotty. But at my workspace desk, the connection is superb. So important.

These are just a few quick thoughts that came to mind, as having my own home office workspace is still a very new and exciting concept. I’m sure a year from now I will still feel the same and I can only hope that my productivity continues to be increased. I think I will have a deeper appreciation for my own workspace once I am working in coffee shops on a regular basis again (so when the school year restarts!).

For now, I will bask in the glory of my beautiful home workspace. I also haven’t have always lived in a home where having an office was an option, so I feel fortunate now that it is.

Do you have an office or dedicated workspace within your home? I would love to hear about the ways it has effectively increased your productivity!

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