The Essential Items You Need To Pack For Disney “Park Days”

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We returned from our very first family Disney World vacation a few weeks ago and it was amazing!

I am such a planner and studied all of the blogs, FB Groups, etc as much as possible to gather the most practical items to take with us on our Disney World trip.

We’re a family of three and kept it light. We didn’t need a stroller as our daughter is six so we’re brought in a backpack with just the essentials.

This isn’t your typical packing list. This list is simply a list of the items you’ll need with you on “park days” while you are visiting Disney.

Of course, our needs are going to vary in comparison to a larger family but this will give you some great ideas of things you may not have thought of already.

Waiting to buy things in the park can be expensive so why not come prepared to save some serious cash?

Disclaimer: Please note that this post may include affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you make a purchase with those links. This helps support the blog and I only suggest products from companies that I use personally and trust. Thanks for your support!

What To Pack For Disney “Park Days”

In no certain order, here are the items that we had in our “Disney park bag”.

As I mentioned, we have a 6-year-old so we did not need a stroller. These are the tried & true essentials that worked best for our small family.


You’ll definitely want to bring a lightweight backpack to store all of your Disney park day essentials.


Because it’s Florida. It doesn’t really matter what time of year you’re visiting. Be prepared! This Alba Botanica Coconut Oil with 50 SPF is my absolute favorite.


I can’t go ANYWHERE without my chapstick. I just got this 4-pack of Organic EOS Chapstick and it’s amazing. Sweet Mint is my fave.

My Disney Experience App.

This app IS LIFE while at Disney. Seriously, If you don’t have the app, go get it! You can load all of your reservations, fast passes, and itineraries onto the app. You can also use it to load up real-time ride wait times, show times, when your reservations and Fast Passes are coming up, and new FastPass availability. 


You’ll want to get a MagicBand for each ticket holder. These will be linked to the My Disney Experience app and will allow you to get on the rides quickly.

If you are staying at Disney, you will get MagicBands for free. There are extra perks to these if you are staying at an official Disney resort such as you can have your credit card linked and use it to make purchases through the Disney properties. It would also serve as your room key!

Character Autograph Book.

Each character within Disney will sign their autograph in your kiddo’s book which makes the experience more special! We brought along a pen but you can use a sharpie if you prefer. Just keep in mind that the pages of these books are thin so it will most likely bleed through.

Backup Phone Charger.

You will definitely want to bring a phone charger and charging cord. I used ours at least once per day, which saves you from needing to pay to charge your phone in the park (because yes, of course that costs money! ) There are plugs here and there but you will find that most are being used by someone else pretty much all the time. So keep yours in your bag for a quick and easy re-boost!


Crowds, whiney children, impatient husbands, long lines, etc. Be prepared. Need I say more?


With all of the fast food options in the Disney parks, it’s best to be prepared for anything!

Body Glide.

This is pretty self explanatory as you’ll be walking a ton. Be prepared!

Water Bottle.

Water is free in the parks and you can refill it anytime. We decided to bring frozen bottles of water inside out park bag and pour them into our aluminum water bottles.

Our personal favorite is the YETI Rambler as it keeps your water ice cold for several hours! And our daughter of course opted for the Disney’s Elsa Zak Water Bottle which stayed super cold as well!


Rain showers can (and will!) pop up in Florida at any time so it’s better to be safe than wet! I saw the ponchos in the gift stores and they were $20 and up. Yikes!

I hope this helps with planning your next Disney vacation! Did I leave out anything that you found useful in your park bag? Leave a comment below!








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