Review: What Is Vendoo and Why Resellers Need a Cross-posting App

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If you are looking to increase your productivity as a reseller on apps such as Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Tradesy, etc, then I highly suggest the Vendoo app.

But, what is Vendoo exactly?

Vendoo, also known as “a sellers best friend”, is a great tool for cross-posting on several resale sites at one time.

When I started using this amazing tool in my reselling business, my profits went through the roof and I am confident that you can achieve similar results with this amazing tool.

Vendoo is quickly becoming a market leader when it comes to cross-posting across many of the most popular resale websites such as Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Depop, Facebook Marketplace and more.

If you’ve tried listing across the various platforms, you understand just how time consuming it all is.

Between taking photos, crafting titles and product descriptions, finding SEO keywords, and covering all of the required listing details on each site – it’s a lot.

They truly does an amazing job of saving you time by listing your items across all of the resale platforms. It’s great crosslisting app.

How Does Vendoo Work?

Vendoo is simple software that allows you to list across several websites at the same time.

Here are the online marketplaces that you can currently list on using the app:

  • Poshmark
  • Mercari
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Kidizen
  • Depop
  • Grailed
  • Tradesy
  • Facebook Marketplace

They are always looking to improve the user experience and is adding new marketplaces pretty often.

How Much Does Vendoo Cost?

All Vendoo Monthly Plans include:
  • 3 Marketplaces
  • Image Resizer & editor
  • Image Hosting
  • Inventory Page
  • CSV Export
  • Daily Seller Analytics

Vendoo has tiered pricing and you can even try it for FREE! Here’s an explaination of each plan and what it includes. They really do have a plan for everyone: beginners, part-time and full-time resellers.

Vendoo Pricing Model (as of May 2021)

How to List with Vendoo

First, you’ll want to connect all of the existing Marketplaces that you’ll want to list on using Vendoo.

You have two options for adding your items to list:

  • Vendoo’s own listing template
  • Import an item from a marketplace where it’s already listed (this feature costs extra, though)

Once the item is loaded, you select the marketplaces where you’d like to list the items and complete their required fields.

Step 1: Choose Your Base Plan

All Monthly Base Plans include access to any 3 marketplaces, cross-listing, image and data hosting, photo resizer and editor, inventory management, revenue and profit tracking, CSV file exporting, business analytics, access to exclusive Vendoo content and events, and more! 

Base Plan pricing is based on the number of new items you add to your Vendoo inventory per month. The most popular plans include 25 new monthly listings for $8.99 and 125 new monthly listings for $19.99.

Step 2: Pick Your Add-Ons

There are several add-ons available to Vendoo users. While I recommend selecting all three add-ons, you might not want or need them all. The optional add-ons are Importing, Delist/Relist, and All Marketplaces.

Each add-on costs $4.99 if ordered separately, or you can bundle all three for $11.99. 

1. Importing 

 The Importing add-on allows you to bring your existing items onto Vendoo from one of the marketplaces. This is likely necessary for your first month to allow you to import all of your existing inventory.

2. Delist & Relist

Delist/Relist is feature that provides an easy way to remove a listing from a marketplace and then re-post it as a new listing. This allows you to refresh your inventory and also to remove items that have already sold on another marketplace.

3. All Marketplaces

The “All Marketplaces” add-on allows you to list your items on all of the various online marketplaces on Vendoo. With the base plans, you can choose any 3 marketplaces for each of your items.  

Vendoo Pros:

  • The Seller Analytics Dashboard is a wonderful tool for resellers
  • Great way to manage your inventory
  • Increased profits by being cross-posted
  • The Delist/Relist feature is a way to remove a listing from a marketplace and then post it as a new listing
  • You can get started with your existing inventory
  • You can create your listings from scratch right inside of the Vendoo app
  • If you sold an item that’s listed on multiple marketplaces, just mark your item as sold in Vendoo
  • Organize with custom and personalized labels, by SKU number, item status, marketplaces, filters, etc.
  • You can try it for free!

Vendoo Cons:

  • Because Vendoo is a third-party app, you should always be cautious of whether its use is acceptable for each specific marketplace.
  • You have to use a computer to use the app. They don’t have a mobile option, yet.

Vendoo’s Reseller Price Checker

You can utilize the Reseller Price Checker powered by Sellhound. This free tool helps you determine the best price for your items and the ability to compare active and sold items across several online marketplaces. You can also compare marketplace fees in one place.

Sellhound is an app that uses artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to create SEO optimized item listings for eBay sellers. Sellhound is known for creating listings with the best title, description and keywords to improve selling performance.

Who are Vendoo’s competitors?

Vendoo competes with ListPerfectly, another well-known cross-posting app in the reseller community.

Is there a Vendoo coupon code?

I have an exclusive partnership with Vendoo. If you sign up using this link, you will automatically get 25% off of your first month. You can also try a Vendoo free trial. No coupon code needed!

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Have you tried Vendoo? If not, are you using another type of cross-posting tool? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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